About Us

Who we are


Akron Travel is all about being on the leading edge in more ways than one: on the leading edge of discovery, on the edge of innovation and on the leading edge of service to name just three.

After all, Akron, the Greek word for edge, crops up in names ranging from the famous Athens Acropolis to the much lesser known yet very impressive Acro-Corinth with its majestic castle – a place we’d love to take you to.

Being on the leading edge has always been our premise when we first launched our boutique travel agency.

We listed our strengths as honesty, passion and attention: honesty behind our relationships with all our stakeholders, passion for providing superlative experiences and the attention that we give to our guests and visitors.

Our Mission


Over the years, we’ve built a network of local partners across Greece that specialize in providing a myriad of activities and experiences.

Through them, we have been focusing as much as possible on offering the best of Greece, be it nature, history, extreme sports, beach vacations, cooking lessons, MICE tourism or wellness.
In recent years we began incorporating our innate beliefs into our business model, including respect for the environment, engagement of local communities, options to lower our carbon footprint, and inclusiveness for all.

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