Duration full day

Andros Full Day Sightseeing Tour!





Duration 8 hours – Starting at 09:50 am

Get set for an unforgettable Andros sightseeing tour and see what the beautiful island has to offer. Discover places that will make you have the time of your life; from beautiful cities and natural wonders to holy monasteries and undisclosed locations. Expect to see the island from a local’s perspective and perceive the island’s majesty in the best way possible.

Start your fascinating tour from Batsi and have a stop in Paleopolis, the first capital of Andros. Learn everything you need to know about the ancient Greek and Roman history of the island and capture magnificent photos with your family and friends. Pay a visit to the fascinating Menites spring and uncover the secrets of the Walnut forest, an experience that you will never forget. Get ready to experience a magic trick that will spice up your Andros full-day sightseeing tour. Come across the lovely villages of Menites, Strabouries, and Ipsilou, and embark on a hiking trip to the Pythara waterfalls, one of the Cyclades’ most incredible natural wonders.

Find out more about the history of religion on Andros while exploring the monastery of St. Irene, and get an eyeful of various artifacts displayed in the small museum there. Unleash your inner adventurer on your Andros full-day sightseeing tour by visiting the marvelous Faros cave, located in the heart of the island. Wander around the picturesque alleys of Chora and see many different monuments that will surprise you with their perfect architecture before you head to Korthi, one of the most beautiful and secret locations in Andros.

Tour Itinerary:

Start your tour from Batsi: Admire the beauty of Paleopolis and visit the refreshing Menites springs, along with the walnut forest, to feel closer to nature.

Hike along the lovely terrain of Andros: Come across the captivating Pythara waterfalls and discover the fascinating artifacts displayed in the monastery of St. Irene.

Experience the majesty of Faros cave: Step inside the Faros cave and feel what it’s like being in a natural wonder that has been around for ages.

Finish your Andros full-day sightseeing tour in Korthi: Head to Chora, walk around its beautiful streets and end your tour in Korthi, one of the best-kept secrets of Andros.