Duration half day

Andros Half Day Sightseeing Tour!






Duration 5 hours / Starting at 09:50 am

Understand the true spirit of the picturesque Cycladic island with an Andros half-day sightseeing tour. Explore quaint villages, natural wonders, and St. Irene’s monastery on a sightseeing trip full of delights and surprises.

Uncover beautiful sights with the Andros half-day sightseeing tour.
Discover Paleopoli, the former capital of Andros, which is brimming
with ancient Greek and Roman remains. Learn about the history of Andros
from your tour leader. Wander through the quaint villages of Menites,
Strabouries, and Ipsilou and take pictures of the traditional

Hike towards the Pithara waterfalls in Apikia, and discover sights of
natural beauty, like Menites spring and the walnut forest that take
visitors’ breath away. Explore the monastery of St. Irene and find out
its religious importance to Andros. End your Andros half-day sightseeing tour
with a fantastic walk in the capital Chora. Roam through the narrow
alleys, admire the Unknown Sailor’s statue, and gain insights into the
island’s Venetian and Greek history.

Tour Itinerary:

Start your Andros Half-Day Sightseeing Tour in Batsi: Begin exploring the city of Paleopoli, which thrived in antiquity.

See Nature at its Best: Take a good look at the marvelous Menites spring and the refreshing walnut forest and experience magic.

Hike to the Pithara Waterfalls: Explore
the villages of Menites, Strabouries, and Ipsilou on the way and reach
Pithara waterfalls in Apikia for an easy 15-minute hike.

Visit St. Irene Monastery: Find out why
religion played a crucial role in the island’s past, all while taking a
closer look at the imposing monastery of St. Irene.

End your Andros Half-Day Sightseeing Tour:
Make a final 45-minute stop at Andros’ capital, Chora, with its charming
little streets, the statue of the Unknown Sailor, and more fascinating
details about the history of Andros.