Duration 3 hours

Andros Horseback Riding Tour!





Duration 2 hours and 45 minutes

Get ready to immerse yourself in the incomparable natural landscape of Andros on a horse. An Andros horseback riding
experience is all you need to unleash your inner adventurer and become
one with nature. Explore unique sites and take a glimpse of the best
places around picturesque Andros island.

Participate in a great Andros horseback riding tour, which
will allow you to explore the gorgeous Greek island on a horse – an
experience only seen on television for many people, but can become a
reality for you. Catch a glimpse of beautiful sites and endless beaches
as you become one with nature all with the companion of a beautiful

Discover everything you need to know to treat your horse the right
way, especially since they’re strong animals that display a broad range
of emotions. Gain basic tips and insights before starting your Andros horseback riding tour.
Take into account that horses are some of the most communicative
animals of the animal kingdom that can form strong bonds with humans.
Get closer to horses and live the magic of riding them in the beautiful
natural setting of an island like Andros. Forget your everyday problems
and partake in an activity that positively affects your mental health.
Your horse is waiting for you to explore the picturesque island of
Andros together.

Tour Itinerary:

Get Set for your Andros Horseback Riding Tour: Get some training on how to ride a horse, put on your protective equipment, and begin your journey into nature.

Ride along the Gorgeous Terrain of Andros: Admire the perfect view of the sea, and come across sights that will take your breath away.

End your Andros Horseback Riding Tour: Feel inspired by the horses and experience firsthand how horses positively impact our mental health.