Duration half day

Andros Snorkeling Boat Tour!





Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes – Starting at 09:50 am / Afternoon trip upon availability

Get ready to explore the island of Andros with a remarkable Andros snorkeling boat tour. Access the most secluded parts of Andros from a boat. Admire the marvelous beauty, aquamarine waters, and one-of-a-kind landscapes in Andros. Jump in the water with your snorkeling equipment to explore what lies beneath the sea surface.

Begin your Andros Snorkeling boat tour from the villages of Batsi or Gavrio where you’ll meet your tour leader. Be prepared to see the edge of Andros. Catch a glimpse of Giaros, where the military dictatorship from 1967 – 1974 had its prison. Continue your journey and get closer to Batsi and Aprovato from the comfort of your boat and come across the beautiful island of Tzia.

Revel in the beauty of two or three beaches, and use your snorkeling equipment found on board to dive in the water to uncover its secrets. Feel the refreshing breeze on your face and get enchanted by the ambiance of the Aegean sea. Indulge in fresh snacks and beverages on board and have the time of your life before the end of your Andros snorkeling boat tour.

Tour Itinerary:

Start your Andros Snorkeling Boat Tour: Meet your captain and set sail to the best parts around Andros.

Learn Interesting Historical Facts: Find out about historical happenings on different areas of the island, such as the military dictatorship.

Jump in the Aegean Waters: Spend some time on remote beaches and explore the perfect blue waters with your snorkeling equipment.

End your Andros Snorkeling Boat Tour: Enjoy some snacks and fresh fruit on board and return to your starting point, feeling refreshed with your new experiences.