Black Rose Pirate Boat! Half Day Cruise in Dia Island






Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!

Duration 9 hours approximately / Stay in Dia Island 3 hours approximately

Everyday our pirate ship “Black Rose” starts from Hersonisos and sails northwest for about 13 miles ( 1 ½ hour), approaching the uninhabited island of Dia. An island of incomparable beauty, rich history and with a pirate past as it was an important pirate base many centuries ago! A trip to crystal clear waters, to a protected area (Natura 2000) with 4 magical natural harbors!

Approaching the island, we anchor in the natural port of St. George, where we will have about 1 ½ hour free time to explore the island, to admire the natural environment unchanged by human activities, to take unique photos and, of course, to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters.

After the first exploration, we will depart for the second natural port of the island, where we will have the opportunity again for a swim (1 ½ hour). During this stop, our meal will be prepared, which we will be able to enjoy on board.

The wonderful cruise will end with the return to the port of Hersonisos, having in the baggage of our holidays an unforgettable experience engraved forever in our memory.

Bar and restrooms are available on the boat