Breathtaking Santorini One Day Cruise from Chania!







Every Tuesday and Saturday | Available from June till October
Duration 15 hours approximately / Arrival at Santorini 11:00 am – Departure from Santorini 16:45 pm

Cruise to the 4th best island in the world (TripAdvisor), wander around to the pavements of Fira, enjoy the spectacular and very romantic view from the famous Caldera of Santorini and visit the amazing beaches of Santorini. The human presence on the island seems to have existed since the middle of the 3rd millennium B.C. The excavation at Akrotiri has confirmed that man’s activity on the island continued until the eruption of the volcano in around 1600 B.C., which entirely buried the island beneath very thick layers of pozzolanic ash. Thera, became an important point on the communication route between the East and the West of that era and adopted the Phoenician alphabet for writing the Greek language. In Hellenistic times the island’s strategic position made Thera a precious base from which the warring campaigns of the successors of Alexander the Great were launched in the Aegean. Within the Roman Empire, it was nothing more than an insignificant small island.
However, Christianity reached the island and an organized church already existed by the 4th century A.C. The name Santorini was given by the Crusaders after the church of Agia Irini (Santa Irene) which some say was at Perissa and others say was at Riva on Thirasia.

Visit the volcano of Thira which is still active! The present-day crescent shape of the island is a consequence of the activity of the volcano in prehistoric times feeding the myth of the lost Atlantis. Santorini is essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion dating back 3,600 years and which created the current geological caldera; a giant central lagoon, more or less rectangular, and measuring about 12 by 7 km, surrounded by 300 m high steep cliffs on three sides. The mild activity of the volcano after this major eruption has built up two small islands within the caldera, Palea and Nea Kameni visited by hundreds of people every day during the tourist season. The impressive caldera dominates the west part of the island while the marvelous dry climate and the almost continuous sunshine create year-around conditions which are perfect for observation, photographs and videos under an extraordinary variety of natural lights and colors.
Please note that the volcano tour is available after mid-June.

Trip Itinerary:

05:00 – 06:10:   Pick up and Early departure with the bus from Chania towards the city of Rethymno – about 1 hour drive.
07:00:               Arrival at the Rethymno port / Embarkation and Departure
11:00:               Arrival at Athinios port in Santorini
1st stop on Oia. You will spend some free time and enjoy the unique view (1 ½ hour)
                             2nd Stop: Firostefani – Fira, 1km walk from Firostefani to Fira. Admire the beauty of Caldera.
                             At Fira you have 1 hour free time
                             After having completed the visit in Fira, you have more free time to choose between the following options:
                             a) Fira: you can remain in the beautiful capital of island
                             b) Beach of Perissa and Perivolos: you can enjoy swimming in the magnificent black beach of Perissa
                             c) Volcano tour: traditional Aegean-style small boats will take you to the volcano site
                                  this choice doesn’t have a walk on the volcano, only boat tour around it and swimming in the thermal springs
16:45 – 17:15:  Departure from Santorini
20:00:               Arrival at Rethymno and departure for Chania
21:30 – 22:00:  Return to hotels
IMPORTANT!! Do not forget your Passport/ID as it is obligatory. National ID’s or Passports are necessary, if you take this tour!
Remember to bring‼️ Sun Cream (a lot!), Sunglasses and Hat, Long-Sleeved Shirt for Sensitive skin, Swim Suit and Beach Towel, Comfortable shoes for walking, your Passport!
Important Notes
  1. Mandatory use of face covering and pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire is required, filled by all adults. Please download it here (English) or here (Greek) and have it filled before boarding on bus.
  2. The travel agency reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour due to adverse weather conditions or insufficient passengers number or force majeure 12 hours prior to departure time with a notification to the traveler.
  3. Please arrive on time to the given pick-up point. Unfortunately, there is no option to wait for latecomers. In case of delay, missed pick-up, missed departure time, no refunds.