Duration 3 days

Cretan Flavors a Foodie Special Retreat!






Available From 2021: 18-20 June / 15-18 July / 20-22 August / 1-3 September / 17-19 September

Duration 2 nights, 3 days

to know Crete in a unique way, the mountains, the villages, the
culture, the cuisine. We offer you the means and the experience, our
knowledge, our connections, and our love for the island we are living in
three days full of flavors, aromas, scents, and sensations while
getting acquainted with the culture of Crete in the Cretan flavors a
foodie special retreat adventure. Throughout our cooking, you will learn
about the ingredients and the traditions around the dishes You will
learn the passion of the Cretan kitchen and, importantly, have a lot of
fun and enjoyment doing it. This is a total immersion in the culture of
Crete and the treasure of its food.

The three days retreat start
with the private transfer to the Sweet Memories Gourmet Apartment in
Gouves of Heraklion. The three day schedule of Greek flavors a foodie
retreat is as follows:

Friday Evening Workshop |
2-hours including gather around the table and share food Feta Saganaki,
Soutzoukakia (Baked Beef meatballs in tomato sauce), Greek Salad,
Loukoumades (Greek Honey Balls)

Saturday Morning | Traditional Cretan Breakfast

Saturday Mid-Morning Experience | Opacize Session: Olive Oil & Wine Tastings Tour, Lunch at a local taverna

Saturday Evening Workshop
| 2-hours including gather around the table and share food
Kolokithokeftedes (Zucchini Patties), Traditional Moussaka, Cretan
Village Salad, Cheese Pie with Honey

Sunday Morning | Traditional Cretan Breakfast

Sunday Morning Workshop
| 2-hours including gather around the table and enjoy Lunch Stuffed
Tomatoes and Peppers or Dolmades, Cretan Dakos, Green Salad with smoked
pork and dry figs, Galaktobureko Parcels.

Please Note: Cooking Classes are on fixed menu and cannot accommodate any other dietary needs