Duration full day

Day Trip from Athens to Andros Island!






Duration One Day / Starting at 05:30 am – Ending at 18:00 pm approximately

Get ready for an unforgettable day trip from Athens to Andros island. Admire the beauty of one of the most beautiful capitals in the Cyclades, filled with holy monasteries and captivating architectural gems. Cherish the sparkling waterfalls, refreshing springs, and beautiful sights that are difficult to put into words.

Get set for a one-of-a-kind day trip from Athens to Andros island and immerse yourself in the incomparable island, situated in the Cyclades archipelago. Admire ‘Paleopolis’ to enhance your knowledge of the ancient Greek and Roman history of Andros island, and capture photos of the marvelous Menites springs and the walnut forest. Be prepared to experience a magic there that excites adults and children alike.

Satisfy your inner adventurer on a hike to the Pithara waterfalls in Apikia, one of the most wondrous locations in the Cyclades, featuring bedazzling scenery. Move on to the monastery of St. Irene and learn interesting information about the island’s history and culture thanks to the numerous artifacts on display. Finish your day trip from Athens to Andros island by wandering around the lovely alleys of Chora and come across magnificent monuments such as the Unknown Sailor’s statue.

Tour Itinerary:

Start the Day Trip from Athens to Andros Island: Meet the leader and begin your journey to Andros island.

Learn the Ancient History of Paleopolis: Explore Paleopolis and find out more about the ancient Greek & Roman history of Andros island.

Hit the Trail and Discover the Secrets of Nature: Visit the gorgeous Menites spring, walnut forest, and come across the impeccable Pithara waterfalls.

Engage in a Spiritual Experience: Discover the monastery of Aghia Eirini and learn new things about the importance of religion on Andros.

Visit Chora: The Final Stop of the Tour: Follow your guide and see magnificent monuments and get some free time to explore the island before you return to Athens.