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Discover the Real Crete from Heraklion!






Every Thursday | Available from April till October

If you want
to explore the real Crete, this is the best excursion for travelers who want to
visit traditional villages of Crete with no fancy restaurants and touristic
places, but with the help of our local knowledge and the little details we will
explore the real Crete. Amazing landscape, the traditional villages of Crete,
places to stop for pictures and the amazing Cave of Sfedoni.


Our first
stop in the most traditional village of the island, Anogia. This village is a
large mountain village with population of 5,000 and lays on Mount Psiloritis in
the central Cretan prefecture of Rethymno. The
village has two aspects, our guide will escort you and guiding you until the
Old Anogia which is the lower part, reached after you pass the inviting square
filled with Kafeneia and traditional houses & stores selling Cretan
traditional products. You are more likely to see men wearing the Cretan baggy
trousers tucked into their boots, heads decorated with nets, here than just
about anywhere else. We will have the opportunity to go in one of the
traditional houses in Anogia to see the handmade souvenirs and watch the old
way that women were used to fix handmade blankets, clothes etc.

We continue to the famous Sfedoni cave, in Zoniana village. The cave is one of the most important caves in
Greece, covering an area of about 3.000 square meters. The cave’s unique and
rare beauty mesmerizes everybody, establishing it as one of Crete’s
most beautiful caves. Visitors are allowed to explore a route of about 270 m, along which they can admire a
variety of impressive
formations. Large columns create labyrinthine compartments inside the
cave and stalactites and stalagmites of different colors and shapes decorate
the cave’s chambers.  After Sfedoni cave it`s
lunch time in Anogia village, in the tavern where you have magnificent view of
the village and the surrounding area, a perfect place for your photos. The cuisine of Anogeia is typical of
the traditional Cretan one. The wealth and the quality of the products of the
island over the centuries had as a result a cuisine with unique taste and
freshness. The secret of Cretan diet is the rich variety of products of Cretan
land and the olive oil, which is used in all the dishes. Cheese, honey,
aromatic plants and many other products of Psiloritis are the basis for the
miracle called the cuisine of Anogeia. Top tastes are “ofto” and cheese.

the way back to our hotels, we make a stop in Axos village and visit the
Monastery Dioskouri.  In Axos village we
will visit the museum and the workshop
and find out the aesthetic and artistic proposal, traditional elements, folklore elements (for example, the marking
of the animals), sociological data
(the family structure, the position
of man and woman), historical evidences etc. After the museum we make our last stop in Dioskouri Monastery,
one of the oldest monasteries in Crete.  In the center of the courtyard there is the church of St. George. The
old icon of St. George is famous to the Cretan herders who swear on that when
they are accused of stealing animals.

Remember to bring‼️ Sun Cream, Sunglasses and Hat, Long-Sleeved Shirt for Sensitive skin!


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