Duration full day

Full Day Tour to Meteora the 8th Wonder! Departure from Halkidiki






Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in Russian / Every Tuesday in Polish

Duration of guided excursion 12 hours approximately / Starting 07:30 am – Ending 21:30 pm

We are very happy to inform you that you are some of the few to be able to see and enjoy this amazing place called Meteora, as Halkidiki is one of the limited destinations road connected to this place. Meteora are a group of high and cliffy boulders whose peaks are crowned by monasteries and hermitages. Their grottos are acting since the 11th century as cells for the orthodox monks.

Meteora are situated 300 meters upon the valley close to Kalambaka, by the river Pinios.Originally the monks lived in grottos or in small cells. They assembled once per week to attend divine service together in Kyriakon (House of God, common church) in Doubiani. As a consequence of the increasing number of monks, they settled down the hermitage of Stagoi.

Around the middle of the 14th century the monk Athanasios founded the first monastery on the rock of Meteora called Platylithos (huge stone).This unearthly appearing rock mass 613 m upon sea level and 413 m upon Kalambaka overlaps the whole countryside. The original name Meteoron means “hover between sky and earth”.The area is so famous that even Hollywood could not resist shooting a movie there and in 1981 the most famous British spy, 007, was climbing amidst the Holy Trinity Monastery for the movie “for your eyes only”!!

Don’t miss the chance to see what people call the <<8th wonder of the World>>.

Indicative Timetable:

05:20 Bus starts from first hotels to Meteora

06:45 Last pick up from Moudania

07:30 Bus picks up guide from Thessaloniki

09:00 Short stop in highway (coffee)

12.00- 13.00 Visit St. Stefanos monastery (depends on opening times)

13.00 – 14.30 Visit Varlaam or Rousanou monastery (depends on op.times)

14:45 – 15:45 Free time in Kalambaka city

15:45 Depart to Halkidiki

17:45 Short stop in highway (coffee)

20:15 Arrive in first hotels

21:30 Arrive in last hotels

NOTE: Men must wear long trousers to enter the monasteries and Women long skirts.