Duration half day

Hiking Tour in Andros from Apikia to Chora!






Duration Half Day / Starting at 08:50 am

Take this multi-village hiking tour and explore the beautiful and amazing nature that Andros offers you. This tour will prove to you that Andros is the greenest island in Cyclades. You will also see from up close waterfalls, castle houses, water mills that will take you to an other era. The living history of Andros and its nature in front of your eyes.

Take the path to Sariza spring, Pythara small waterfalls, Gialia Beach. A great trekking activity for you!

Tour Itinerary:

You start this hiking tour from Apikia village and then straight to Pythara small waterfalls. Then you will follow a stepped path full of oaks and olive trees across the river where you will see the richness of Andros.

Then you will visit stone bridges, old castle houses, traditional olive presses, watermills and impressive old mansions. You will discover the true nature of Andros and experience amazing moments.

For finishing the tour you will visit the Gialia beach. A great and not crowded beach where you can relax and take a swim. What a perfect ending to a perfect hiking day! Then you will return to Chora.