Duration half day

Kids Fun Day from Heraklion!






Every Sunday | Available from April till October


Take wonderful photos with your kids
and enjoy a guiding tour in
Amazonas Park, a private zoo, taste Cretan products during the presentation of
oil production, in a modern factory and allow to your kids to test their skills
in ceramics.

Our tour starts with first stop in Anopolis, in the
Ceramic Workshop, we have the opportunity to revive upon our guidance, the
traditional art of pottery dating back to the ancient times of Minoan    Crete. Enjoy the creation of ceramics, learn
the techniques and try yourself to create your ceramics. At the end, there is a large showroom where you
can see handmade ceramic household and ornamental, Pyrex dishes, Archaic Minoan pottery copies with
olives on them – the ancient symbol of peace.

We continue our tour until the
village of Neapolis. Let us initiate you into the mysteries of olive
oil. Our staff will take you on a guided tour to the original family
factory olive press and the new modern olive press, explaining the olive
production stages. The tour is rounded off with an olive-tasting experience and
tips on how to recognize a good olive oil.

Driving for 5 minutes from olive factory we make our
last stop of this tour, we arrive in Amazonas Park, a private zoo which focuses
on animals from South America, especially parrots and monkeys. There are also
some domestic animals like donkeys and goats. Walking in the zoo, we see some
monkey species which are the well-known monkeys from Gibraltar. They behave
relatively quietly and the smaller monkeys are very active. They jump on your
shoulders, if someone is next to you, they will jump from person to person.
They are fed by a nice and informative animal keeper with bananas.

Our last stop is in Labyrinth, a family destination
park with numerous activities and attractions. It is nestled in the scenic
hills above the town of Hersonissos in an area of 15 hectares. The main theme
of the park is the Labyrinth, but there will be plenty of other things to do as
well! Enjoy the variety of video viewings on the Minoan Civilization shown
throughout the day in the projector room. Participate in a round of Mini-Golf,
or allow the children a turn on the many quad bikes available! There is an
Eco-Garden for nature lovers with Cretan aromatic herbs, local fruit and
vegetables and many flowering plants, all
labeled in many languages. Naturally, the Cretan Stone Labyrinth can also be
enjoyed by the tiny tots.

After exercising your brain and legs, an impressive
café, reminiscent of ancient Knossos, is there to serve and relax you!
Refreshing drinks, a choice of mouthwatering and crisp salads and sandwiches
and plenty of ice cream for the kids, will keep your hunger and thirst at bay!


Remember to bring‼️ Sun Cream, Sunglasses and Hat, Long-Sleeved Shirt for Sensitive skin


Terms & Conditions

  1. The travel agency reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour due to adverse weather conditions or insufficient passengers number or force majeure 12 hours prior to departure time with a notification to the traveler.
  2. Please arrive on time to the given pick-up point. Unfortunately, there is no option to wait for latecomers. In case of delay, missed pick-up, missed departure time, no refunds.