Duration 4 hours

Minoan and Cretan Cooking Experience






Available Every Tuesday at 11:00 am

Duration 4 hours approximately Starting 11:00 am / Ending 15:00 pm                                                                         

The Class 

The Cretan diet is known as one of the healthiest diets in the world and it comes down to us from Minoan time. Nothing is left to chance. Olive oil, wine, honey, grains and herbs are five basic elements of Minoan and traditional Cretan diet that constitutes perfect nutritional value for people. We will take you on a flavor journey from ancient times to today. On the premises of equestrian club in our beautiful gardens, we have created MINOAN STYLE KITCHEN where you will learn to cook Minoan and Cretan.

Once you have arrived, we will take you on guided tour around our gardens, and Minoan theater that we have created. We will prepare you for the journey in time,telling you stories about Minoans and today’s Cretans that only locals know. Next we will cook together in an open air traditional Minoan Kitchen, over open hearth fire, using traditional Minoan style ceramic pots.When your food will be simmering and getting ready, you will be able to meet our farm animals and horses. The final part of the day will be our delicious meal that we will have all together in Mrs. Anna’s garden. The guests with no transfer can stay on our premises as long as they wish after the program ends.

What you will cook:

You will create four dishes and watch a cooking show by our chef.

  • Minoan Bread (Made from the scratch by the guests and baked on fire)
  • Panspermia (Cooking show by the chef)
  • Tigania (Cooking show by the chef)
  • Cretan Salad (Prepared by the guests)
  • Gemista (Prepared by the guests)
  • Tiropitakia (Cooking show by the chef)
  • Tzatziki (Prepared by the guests)

The Meal:

At the end of the cooking class, you will enjoy a signature Cretan menu for all tastes.  Time to relax and talk about food and other important things in life, in the company of a glass wine and raki.

  • Minoan Bread (traditional pita bread) VEGETARIAN & VEGAN
  • Panspermia (variety of leguminous vegetables with barley, herbs and olive oil baked in the wooden oven) VEGETARIAN&VEGAN
  • Tigania (variety of local meats cooked with olive oil, wine and herbs)
  • Cretan Salad (Green salad and wild greens, tomato, onion, potatoes, capers, barley rusks, olives, misithra cheese, oregano and olive oil) VEGETARIAN&VEGAN*without cheese
  • Gemista (stuffed summer vegetables with aromatic Cretan herbs baked in the wooden oven) VEGETARIAN&VEGAN
  • Tiropitakia (traditional handmade fried cheese pies) VEGETARIAN&VEGAN*instead of cheese wild greens
  • Tzatziki (cucumber and garlic yoghurt sauce) VEGETARIAN

DRINKS: bottled water, herbal tea, wine and raki with meal