Duration half day

Vitali Beach and Swimming Tour in Andros!





Duration Half Day / 4 hours – Starting at 09:50 am

Join the Vitali Beach Tour in Andros, a hidden gem on the northeastern part of the island, accessible only by 4×4 cars. Visit the beautiful, secluded beach and swim in its crystal clear waters. Spend a fabulous time on the beach and wash away the dust of everyday life.

Take part in the Vitali Beach Tour in Andros and enjoy a secluded beach’s incomparable beauty with turquoise waters. Hop on a Jeep Cherokee and enjoy the adventurous ride through the narrow roads until you get there. Admire the shore with golden sand that allows the water to remain clear and transparent – perfect for underwater pictures or scuba diving. Bring your scuba diving equipment if you wish and explore the depths of the lovely beach.

Spend a few hours under the Greek sun and relax, sunbathe, or walk along the shore. Dip in the beach and swim in the heavenly setting of the turquoise color set against a rocky view. Get the most out of your Vitali Beach Tour in Andros and contact your tour leader to pick you up after almost three hours.

Tour Itinerary:

Start the Vitali Beach Tour in Andros: Meet your tour leader, hop on the Jeep Cherokee and arrive at Vitali beach.

Dive in the refreshing waters of the sea: Dip in the waters of Vitali beach every chance you get. Take pictures of the mesmerizing colors and the rocky background.

Relax on the seashore: Get out of the water and lie on your towel or beach mat to take in the gorgeous scenery and relax under the Greek sun until pick up time.