Duration half day

Zorkos Beach Tour in Andros!





Duration Half Day / 4 hours – Starting at 09:50 am

Experience the tranquil island ambiance with a Zorkos beach tour in Andros. Explore one of the most beautiful shores on the island, located on a secluded beach in the northeast. Swim in crystal clear waters under the Greek sun with a stunning backdrop of the rocky scenery.

Get ready for a great day full of fun and relaxation with a Zorkos beach tour in Andros. Find a spot on the vast sandy shore, lay down your towel, and feel the warm sun rays stroke your skin while listening to the relaxing sound of the sea. Rejuvenate yourself with a dip in the blue Aegean waters, whether you enjoy swimming in the deep or walking along the shore.

Make the most of the transparent waters at Zorkos beach. Take many pictures of the golden sand, visible both on the shore and inside the beach. Bring your scuba gear along and explore the intriguing depths while capturing the moment. Engage in your favorite beach activities and contact your tour leader to pick you up after. Spend a few heavenly hours on the Zorkos beach tour in Andros.

Tour Itinerary:

Start the Zorkos beach Tour in Andros: Get picked up at Batsi, meet your tour leader, and arrive at the beach.

Swim in the crystal clear waters: Discover the deep sea with your scuba gear, or simply open your eyes in the transparent waters while swimming.

Sunbathe under the Greek sun: Relax on the sandy shore until pick-up time, or take advantage of every moment in the water.