Folegandros, an island located in the southeastern region of Greece is often considered to be one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe. The beauty and tranquility it offers draw a large number of visitors each year. Its stunning landscape, vivid culture and rich history make Folegandros truly unique.

The natural environment of Folegandros consists mainly of rocky hillsides covered by low-lying vegetation such as cedar trees, olives and wildflowers. The rugged coastline with its secluded beaches gives visitors the opportunity to explore nature and take in some breathtaking views along their journey. While much of the land remains untouched by development, there are many charming villages throughout the island offering interesting sights and local delicacies for visitors to enjoy.

The vibrant culture of Folegandros also has something special to offer travelers looking for a taste of authentic Greek life. From traditional festivals celebrating religious events or seasonal harvests, to ancient ruins that tell stories from times past, this destination allows tourists to discover both modern day customs and centuries old traditions through interactive experiences they won’t forget.

Geographical Location

Folegandros is a small island located in the Aegean Sea, part of the Cyclades group of islands. It lies southeast of Milos and northwest of Sikinos, with an area of 32 square km. The coastline is characterized by rugged cliffs, secluded coves and sandy beaches that offer breathtaking views to visitors.

The climate on Folegandros is typical Mediterranean: mild winters and hot summers. Its highest peak reaches 325 meters above sea level, making it ideal for long hikes and mountain biking trips. Additionally, its temperate weather makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year-round.

On this idyllic backdrop, tourists can take advantage of all sorts of water sports such as snorkeling or kayaking around its crystal clear waters or explore its traditional villages with their white washed houses and cobbled streets. With such natural beauty and many options available to them, travelers will surely find themselves captivated by this dreamy destination’s charm. Segueing into the next section about History & Culture…

History And Culture

Nestled in the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, Folegandros is a picturesque Greek island that has been attracting travelers for centuries. From its vibrant culture and colorful history to its hospitable locals, this tiny paradise encapsulates everything one could desire from a holiday destination:

  • Endless stretches of sandy beaches
  • Ancient ruins dating back thousands of years
  • Delicious traditional cuisine bursting with flavor

Folegandros was first inhabited during the Neolithic period around 5000 BC by an unknown civilization. It later became part of the Minoan Empire between 2000-1450 BC before becoming a maritime power in its own right during the Classical Period. Over time it changed hands several times until 1821 when it joined mainland Greece as part of their War of Independence against the Ottoman Turks. This tumultuous past can be seen today through many archaeological sites scattered throughout the island, such as Kastro Castle which dates back to medieval times.

The culture on Folegandros also reflects its rich heritage; from local festivals celebrating religious saints to traditional music played at bars and restaurants. The people here are known for their hospitality and will often go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome. With such an array of attractions both natural and cultural, it’s no wonder why Folegandros continues to attract tourists year after year. As temperatures rise and days get longer, this little corner of Greece begins to come alive – beckoning those looking for sunshine and relaxation in equal measure.

Climate And Weather

Folegandros is located in the Aegean Sea and experiences a Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 33 °C (70-90°F). Winters are mild, with temperatures averaging around 10-12 °C (50-54°F). Folegandros receives little rainfall throughout the year, with most precipitation occurring during winter months. The island’s strong wind conditions make it an ideal destination for sailing and kiteboarding enthusiasts.

The crystal clear waters of Folegandros offer excellent visibility for underwater activities such as snorkeling and diving. Many beaches feature small coves providing protection from the prevailing winds and calmer seas perfect for swimming or sunbathing. Visitors should be mindful of potential rip currents along some beaches which can cause dangerous waves that could sweep swimmers out to sea.

Overall, Folegandros’ pleasant climate and inviting waters provide guests with a variety of recreational opportunities. With its stunning natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, this Greek island offers a unique experience unlike anywhere else on earth. As such, exploring what Folegandros has to offer is sure to delight any traveler seeking respite from their everyday life. Moving on, let us now explore some of the top tourist attractions on the island.

Top Tourist Attractions

Folegandros is a small Greek island located in the Aegean Sea and part of the Cyclades island group. Its history dates back to prehistoric times, and its beauty has attracted many visitors throughout the centuries. Today, Folegandros is popular with tourists seeking an authentic Mediterranean experience, as it remains largely unspoiled by mass tourism. The following table provides information on some of the top tourist attractions available on the island:

Attraction Location Description
Katergo Beach Southwestern Coast A secluded beach with crystal clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling
Saint John’s Church Ano Meria Village A 16th-century church set against stunning mountain scenery
Agali Bay Far South Side One of Greece’s best kept secrets, featuring tranquil turquoise waters ideal for swimming and sunbathing
Chora Castle Ruins Hora Town Center Ancient ruins atop a hill offering incredible views of the city below


Folegandros’ natural beauty can be experienced at any time of year; however, during summer months visitors are drawn to Katergo Beach which offers one of the most peaceful settings imaginable. For those looking to explore more local culture, Saint John’s Church in Ano Meria village features beautiful frescos inside while Agali Bay boasts a plethora of hidden coves with sparkling water that sparkles like diamonds under sunlight. Last but not least, Chora Castle Ruins offer captivating panoramic views over Hora town center from high up on its hilltop perch. With so much to see and do here in Folegandros, travelers will never be bored! To help make their stay even more enjoyable, there are numerous accommodation options available across this picturesque island retreat.

Accommodation Options

The sun setting on Folegandros is a sight to behold, like the finale of an orchestrated performance. For the best accommodation option that fits your budget and style, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

No matter which type of accommodation option you choose, what remains constant is the feeling of freedom inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Folegandros. The natural landscapes here captivate minds into dreaming about endless possibilities providing solace from life’s everyday worries and rekindling hope for brighter days ahead.

Natural Landscapes

Folegandros is a captivating Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. The landscape of this small, picturesque island provides an idyllic backdrop for nature enthusiasts to explore and admire its sublime beauty. From rugged coastlines to lush green hillsides, Folegandros has something for everyone who desires to appreciate unspoiled natural landscapes.

Visitors can witness breathtaking views from every angle as they journey around the island’s dramatic cliffs that feature unique rock formations and sandy coves. Atop steep mountainside trails, hikers are presented with unprecedented vistas of azure waters blended with rocky seascapes. Those seeking more leisurely activities may enjoy exploring various sheltered beaches or taking in the scenery while relaxing on sun-drenched terraces at coastal restaurants.

The wildflower meadows scattered throughout Folegandros offer one more opportunity to marvel at the striking environment surrounding it. In springtime, vibrant yellow broom bushes blanket vast areas of land creating an unforgettable sight. With such diverse terrain, visitors will discover why this Mediterranean gem is so beloved by many travelers year after year. Transitioning smoothly into outdoor activities, Folegandros has much more than just beautiful landscapes to experience firsthand.

Outdoor Activities

Folegandros is an ideal destination for outdoor activities. Hiking trails to secret coves, secluded beaches and remarkable viewpoints abound in the island’s diverse landscape. Visitors can explore a variety of terrain including limestone cliffs with hidden sea caves, wooded hillsides, craggy paths to monasteries built into sheer rock faces, as well as cobblestone streets lined with modest whitewashed homes. Folegandros’ unique geography makes it perfect for nature lovers wanting to experience its natural beauty at its fullest.

The crystal-clear waters surrounding the island make it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. With over 40 beaches scattered around the coast visitors can find their own private cove or one that suits their needs best whether they are looking for sunbathing spots or places to dive off rocky outcrops. In addition, there are many boat tours available offering cruises along the coast where travelers can take in stunning views of the coastline while enjoying traditional Greek hospitality on board.

For those seeking adventure beyond what nature has already provided them, Folegandros offers plenty of options such as cycling routes through challenging terrains, paragliding from high mountain passes and even sailing lessons on board classic wooden vessels. As much as these activities offer thrilling experiences they also provide opportunities to connect with locals who share stories about their culture and way of life. From this standpoint Folegandros becomes more than just a beautiful vacation destination; it gives guests a chance to really get immersed in local culture and traditions. With these kinds of offerings it comes as no surprise that so many people choose Folegandros for their summer holiday destination every year! Moving onto transportation options…

Transportation Options

With a wide range of outdoor activities available to explore on the island of Folegandros, how do visitors get around? Transportation options vary depending on what type of exploration the visitor desires.

The most popular way to traverse Folegandros is by foot. With an array of trails and paths that are well-maintained, hikers can experience some of the best scenery in all of Greece while getting exercise at the same time. Not only does walking provide tourists with physical activity and breathtaking views, it also allows them to truly become immersed in their surroundings as they discover hidden gems along the way.

For those who prefer to travel faster, there are several car rental services located throughout the island. Renting a vehicle for a day or two gives travelers more flexibility when exploring different parts of Folegandros. In addition, public transportation is widely available with buses running from early morning until late evening during peak season. Taxis are another option and generally offer an affordable method of transport over short distances.

No matter which mode of transportation one chooses, venturing outside provides endless opportunities for adventure and discovery on this beautiful Greek island gem. Onward now to uncovering the delicious cuisine offered up by local restaurants!


Folegandros is a culinary paradise, boasting some of the best Greek cuisine in the world. Its diverse menu offers an array of options to satisfy all tastes and preferences. A variety of seafood dishes are available, such as grilled octopus, fried calamari and cod with tomato sauce. Traditional dishes like moussaka and pastitsio are also popular among visitors. Those who prefer vegetarian fare can try tasty delicacies such as stuffed tomatoes or eggplant salad.

The island’s traditional delicacy is its honey-based sweet called loukoumi, made with seeds and nuts that provide a unique flavor for those looking for something different from the usual desserts found elsewhere. For drinks, there is local beer brewed on Folegandros itself as well as various wines from nearby islands.

Visitors will find many restaurants serving up delicious meals using fresh ingredients sourced from local farms or caught daily off the coast by fishermen. The friendly atmosphere in most eateries makes dining out an enjoyable experience. With so much choice in food and drink offerings, it’s easy to see why Folegandros is considered one of Greece’s top destinations for gastronomic pleasure. Shopping opportunities await just around the corner…

Shopping Opportunities

From the delicious cuisine of Folegandros, visitors may turn to shopping for souvenirs and other items. With plenty of options on offer, travelers can find something that appeals to their taste.

The main town of Chora is a great spot for souvenir hunting, with many quaint shops selling handmade crafts as well as local products such as honey and olive oil. There are also several jewelry stores featuring traditional Greek pieces at reasonable prices. The village market takes place twice a week in the center square where shoppers can purchase fresh produce and homemade goods from local vendors.

For more modern-day items, visitors can head to Karavostasis, located near the port. Here they will find an array of shops selling everything from clothing and accessories to home decor and electronics. Some of these shops even offer discounts during certain times of year so it’s worth checking out when planning a trip.

Here are some tips for successful shopping experiences in Folegandros:

  • Look out for unique handicrafts made by local artisans
  • Bargain if possible; prices tend to be negotiable in Greece
  • Support small businesses whenever you can
  • Don’t forget to ask about special offers or discounts
  • Bring cash – not all places accept credit cards

With the variety available, there is no doubt something for everyone when it comes to shopping opportunities in Folegandros. Whether looking for locally crafted items or modern convenience items, this destination has it all! Ready now for nightlife and entertainment?

Nightlife And Entertainment

Folegandros offers an array of activities for those looking to enjoy their nightlife and entertainment. There are several bars, taverns, cafes, and nightclubs that offer a variety of music to suit everyone’s taste with some staying open until the early hours of the morning. | Activity | Description | |—|—| | Bars & Tavernas | Enjoy drinks while listening to live Greek music or international hits! | | Cafes | Sample traditional Greek cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere | | Nightclubs | Dance into the late evening under the stars – Folegandros style! |

The island has plenty of spots where one can take part in sports such as diving, sailing, windsurfing and kite-surfing. For those who prefer something more low key, there is yoga and massage therapy available at many of the resorts located around the island. Those interested in culture will not be disappointed either; Folegandros hosts many events throughout summer months including musical performances from renowned artists and outdoor theatre shows.

For a truly unique experience on Folegandros, visitors can explore its breathtaking landscapes by taking a guided tour down ancient trails or along scenic coastlines. A visit to Katergo beach often includes boat trips around secluded coves which provide stunning views over crystal blue waters. With so much to do and see in this picturesque corner of Greece, it’s no wonder why people come back year after year! Taking full advantage of all these offerings ensures a truly rewarding holiday experience. Moving onto what beaches have to offer…


Have you ever pictured yourself in an idyllic Mediterranean beach, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sands? Folegandros offers just that. Its beaches offer a variety of scenery to accommodate any taste; from tranquil coves where one can relax undisturbed, to more social spots with vibrant energy.

The most popular beach on the island is Agali Beach, located at the north side of Chora. This sandy shoreline has shallow waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling or simply enjoying a refreshing dip. It also features plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas so visitors can make themselves comfortable while savoring the serene atmosphere around them. There are also several tavernas along the beach offering delicious local dishes and drinks, making it perfect for families looking for some time away from everyday life.

Katergo Beach is another great option for those seeking a quieter spot on the island. It’s remote location makes it very peaceful, allowing visitors to bask in its natural beauty without being disturbed by crowds. The waters here are not as clear as other parts of Folegandros, but they still remain stunningly beautiful due to their unique turquoise hue. Katergo also has a few restaurants serving up delightful seafood delicacies which only add to its charm.

With its picturesque landscapes and pristine shores, Folegandros provides ample opportunities for travelers who want to escape reality and find solace in nature’s embrace. Transitioning into the next section about historical sites and monuments now – exploring these shall provide further insight into this captivating island’s culture and heritage.

Historical Sites And Monuments

Folegandros is an island that boasts a rich history and culture with centuries of monuments and archaeological sites. The most popular historical attractions are:

  1. The Castle of Folegandros – Located at the highest point on the Chora, it offers spectacular views of both sides of the island. It was built by Venetians in 1207 to protect against pirate attacks and has remained virtually unchanged since then.
  2. Churches & Monasteries – You will find many Byzantine-style churches throughout Folegandros, some dating back as far as the 14th century. They feature beautiful frescoes, religious murals and ornate exteriors. Don’t miss out on visiting Kastri monastery or Agios Ioannis Prodromos church located in Karavostassis village!
  3. Archaeological Sites – There are several important archaeological sites around Folegandros such as ancient gravesites and ruins from an old acropolis. These provide insight into the island’s past life and its cultural importance through time.
  4. Local Museum – For those looking for more information about Folegandros’ long history, there is a local museum in Ano Meria that houses artifacts found during excavations across the island including pottery, tools, coins etc., providing visitors with a great opportunity to learn more about this special place.

Exploring these historic places provides travelers with an enriching experience full of beauty and wonderment – one that can transport them back in time while they appreciate their present freedom to explore Folegandros’ timeless landmarks! With all these fascinating sights to see, why not check out our tips for getting the most out of your visit?

Tips For Visiting Folegandros

Folegandros is an enchanting Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. Its pristine beaches, stunning cliffs, and charming villages provide a unique combination of relaxation and adventure for visitors. To make the most out of your visit to Folegandros, there are several tips you should keep in mind.

Accommodations can range from luxurious villas with private pools to budget-friendly hotels. When choosing accommodation it is important to consider location as well as amenities. Some locations offer spectacular views of the sea or mountains while others may be more centrally located near restaurants and shops. It is also advisable to book ahead during peak season as accommodations can fill quickly.

The best way to experience all that Folegandros has to offer is by car rental. This gives travelers flexibility in terms of deciding when they want to explore different parts of the island at their own pace. As roads on Folegandros tend be narrow and winding it is essential that drivers pay attention and drive safely at all times.

With its timeless beauty and diverse attractions, Folegandros offers something for everyone seeking freedom through exploration and relaxation. Transitioning into safety considerations: While visiting this beautiful destination, travelers should take into consideration potential risks associated with traveling abroad such as crime, natural disasters, terrorism, political unrest and health concerns.

Safety Considerations

Having discussed tips to make the most of a visit to Folegandros, it is prudent to consider safety considerations as well. To begin with, visitors should be aware that medical facilities on the island are limited. Therefore, travelers should plan ahead and bring any necessary medications or other health-related supplies just in case.

In addition, precautions should be taken regarding transportation. While there are several different types of public transport available around the island, visitors may find renting a car or scooter more convenient for exploring off the beaten track spots. It is important to note that these vehicles can often be quite small compared to those used elsewhere in Europe; therefore they must be driven carefully and cautiously. Furthermore, driving after dark is not recommended due to poor lighting conditions along some roads.

Finally, all travelers are encouraged to purchase appropriate travel insurance prior to their arrival at Folegandros and familiarize themselves with its terms and conditions before embarking on their journey. Doing so will help ensure peace of mind during an unforgettable vacation experience’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Folegandros?

A visit to Folegandros is an unforgettable experience, one that is like a dream come true. It’s no wonder why so many tourists flock there year after year! But when it comes to deciding the best time for your trip, there are several factors to consider. This article will explore these considerations and provide insight into choosing the ideal season for visiting this beautiful Greek island.

First and foremost, it is essential to take weather conditions into account when planning a trip to Folegandros. The summers tend to be hot and dry with temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius during peak times. Conversely, winters can be mild but wet with average lows of around 10 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, spring and autumn bring moderate temperatures with plenty of sunshine throughout both seasons. Therefore, depending on whether you prefer warmth or cooler climes – any time between April and October may be considered optimal for visiting Folegandros.

In addition to temperature fluctuations, another factor worth considering while planning a holiday in Greece is what activities you would enjoy doing most once you arrive at your destination. If sightseeing appeals more than sunbathing or swimming then spring or autumn might be preferable as the crowds won’t likely be overwhelming at those times making tourist attractions much easier to navigate without being too crowded. Alternatively, if beach days are what you crave then summer months offer opportunities for indulging in aquatic sports such as sailing and diving due to calmer waters brought about by decreased wave activity from prevailing winds. On the other hand, wintertime provides some excellent skiing opportunities outside of Athens city centre which could appeal to adventure-seekers looking for something new and exciting during their stay in Folegandros.

Therefore, there are multiple elements that should go into selecting the right season for a visit to Folegandros – ranging from preferred climate conditions through to desired activities upon arrival – all of which need careful consideration before booking flights or accommodation in order ensure maximum enjoyment during your stay on this picturesque Greek Island paradise!

How Much Does It Cost To Stay In Folegandros?

Accommodation in Folegandros can be expensive, but with careful planning and research it is possible to find something that fits one’s budget. Depending on the season and type of accommodation chosen, prices vary greatly from affordable to luxury.

The cost of a stay in Folegandros depends largely on the time of year visited. High season runs from mid-June through September when temperatures are higher, more events take place, and tourists flock to the island for summer holidays. Hotels and other forms of hospitality tend to charge premium rates during this time as demand increases significantly. Conversely, low season months such as October through May offer lower rates and fewer crowds while still providing beautiful scenery, enjoyable activities, and pleasant weather conditions.

Those looking to save money may want to consider staying in a self-catering villa or apartment instead of a hotel room; these options often provide better value for money compared to hotels due to their size and amenities included. There are also hostels available which provide cheaper accommodations suitable for those traveling on a tight budget. It is worth noting that Folegandros does not have any campsites so alternative arrangements will need to be made if camping is preferred over conventional accommodation methods.

When researching costs associated with staying in Folegandros potential visitors should compare different types of accommodations offered at varying price points across different seasons before making a decision about where they would like to stay during their visit. With some effort it is possible to find an option that suits both financial constraints and personal preferences without compromising quality or comfort.

What Activities Are Best For Families Visiting Folegandros?

Families visiting Folegandros may be wondering what activities are best to partake in while there. The island of Folegandros is a popular destination for those seeking adventure and relaxation alike, with plenty of activities available that can cater to both desires. From lounging on the beach to exploring ancient ruins, families will find no shortage of options when it comes to enjoying their vacation:

  • Stroll along the cobbled streets of Chora, the main village of Folegandros.
  • Take part in water sports such as diving or snorkeling at picturesque beaches like Livadi Beach.
  • Hike up Kalteza Mountain for wonderful views over the Aegean Sea.
  • Tour around some archaeological sites such as Mantraki Castle and Ancient Karavostasis Village.
  • Spend time shopping and dining in traditional tavernas located throughout the island.

There is something special about experiencing an outdoor activity together as a family; it creates a bond between each other that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Whether it’s taking a boat trip out onto the crystal blue waters surrounding Folegandros or simply just strolling across its picturesque villages, being able to explore together allows everyone involved to appreciate all that nature has to offer. Furthermore, engaging with local culture provides visitors with insight into life on this Greek Island and gives them memories that will last a lifetime – from discovering regional dishes at authentic restaurants to hearing stories from locals who have lived here for generations.

Beyond physical activities, many museums, libraries and galleries also exist on Folegandros where families can learn more about art, history and science without having to leave the comfort of their holiday accommodation. With so much available for all ages, planning a family getaway should never feel overwhelming – if anything, choosing what not do during your stay might prove difficult!

Is There A Good Range Of Restaurants And Bars In Folegandros?

When it comes to travelling, there is nothing more important than ensuring you have access to a variety of amenities and activities. When planning a family trip abroad, choosing the right destination can be especially difficult. Consequently, one must consider all potential aspects that could make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. This article will explore the range of restaurants and bars available in Folegandros – an idyllic Greek island – to determine whether it is suitable for visitors seeking a culinary adventure.

For those looking for fine dining options, Folegandros has plenty to offer. From fresh seafood dishes at local tavernas to gourmet cuisine served in exquisite settings, there are numerous venues which cater to all tastes and budgets. Furthermore, many of these establishments also provide locally sourced ingredients so guests can enjoy authentic regional flavors with every meal. Additionally, those who prefer less formal environments may find solace in some of the island’s cozy cafes or bustling beachside eateries. Moreover, diverse cultural influences such as Italian fare can often be found on menus too.

Bars are another great option for socializing during a stay in Folegandros. Whether visitors wish to relax and unwind with friends or dance until late into the night, they will certainly not be disappointed by what this vibrant holiday destination offers. There are lively clubs playing contemporary music alongside traditional Greek tunes and intimate wine bars where guests can sample wines from around the country while admiring spectacular views over crystal-clear waters. What’s more, pubs hosting live sports broadcasts provide entertainment throughout the year meaning no matter when people visit Folegandros they won’t miss out on anything vital back home!

In summary, there is something here for everyone; whether searching for sophisticated eats or just looking forward to letting their hair down after dinner – Folegandros provides diversity across its food scene that caters to all palates and preferences alike. With its stunning landscapes and array of restaurants and bars offering both relaxed atmospheres as well as exciting nights out – this captivating location ensures no two days spent here will ever be alike!

How Easy Is It To Get Around Folegandros?

Getting around Folegandros is an important factor to consider when planning a trip. There are many options available, ranging from traditional modes of transportation to more modern alternatives. In this article, the ease of getting around in Folegandros will be discussed:

First and foremost, visitors have the option of renting a car or scooter for their stay on the island. Cars may be rented at various locations throughout the city and can provide a convenient way to get from one place to another quickly and easily. Scooters offer an economical choice that still allows travelers to explore the island’s winding roads and rugged terrain.

The public bus system is also available as a form of transportation in Folegandros. The buses run frequently during peak tourist season, making it easy for people to get where they need to go without having to worry about finding parking spots or navigating traffic jams. Additionally, taxis are readily available should visitors require door-to-door service. Here is a breakdown of these three popular forms of transport:

  • Car rental: Convenient but potentially expensive depending on length of rent
  • Bus System: Easy access with frequent trips (especially during peak times)
  • Taxis: Door-to-door service with availability from multiple companies

In addition to cars and buses, there are other ways for tourists to traverse Folegandros such as by bike or even on foot. Taking advantage of local trails and pathways makes it possible for guests to truly experience all that the island has to offer while enjoying its unique landscapes and natural beauty up close. Whether traveling by land or sea, visitors in search of adventure will find no shortage of activities awaiting them in Folegandros!


Folegandros is an idyllic destination, ideal for tourists looking to get away from it all. With its stunning scenery and tranquil atmosphere, Folegandros offers visitors the opportunity to relax and enjoy a unique holiday experience.

The best time of year to visit Folegandros is during spring or autumn when the temperature remains moderate and there are fewer crowds than in summer months. Staying on this Greek island can be relatively inexpensive depending on accommodation choices, making it great value for families looking for a break without breaking the bank. There are plenty of activities available such as sightseeing, swimming, hiking and exploring traditional villages which provide endless fun for children of all ages.

In terms of dining out options, there’s something for everyone in Folegandros – from relaxing beachside bars serving delicious local dishes to small charming tavernas tucked away in secluded spots offering mouth-watering Mediterranean food with a view! Getting around the island is easy too – you can hire scooters or cars at reasonable prices so that you don’t miss any hidden gems along the way.

All in all, Folegandros really does fit the bill as far as unforgettable holidays go; providing travelers with memories they’ll cherish forever – leaving them wanting more like a moth drawn to a flame!

Beyond the beaches, you'll fall in love with the main town of the island, Chora, for its traditional white-washed Cycladic houses, narrow alleyways and little squares. The town's oldest neighborhood, Kastro (meaning castle) where a medieval fortress once stood to guard against attacks by pirates. The views from here are spectacular.


The old village of Ano Meria is also a window into a much more traditional lifestyle, complete with old windmills, a folklore museum, a wine press and a few other attractions that are becoming rarer with every year that passes. In terms of ecotourism activities, you'll be able to snorkel and scuba dive with he help of the local diving club, as well as go on nature hikes if visiting outside the hottest summer months of July and August. Great gastronomy, yoga lessons and pottery making are some other activities that have been on offer in past summer seasons, with new experiences emerging on the Folegandros scene every now and then. The culinary delights of Folegandros, like all less touristic Cyclades islands, will also be appreciated by those who have a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine. Dig around and you'll find eateries that embrace local recipes and dishes.


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