Paros Island

Paros Island, located in the Cyclades archipelago of Greece, is a paradise for those seeking an escape from their everyday lives. With its crystal clear waters and stunning landscapes, Paros provides visitors with ample opportunities to explore and experience the wonders of nature. Rich in culture and history, this small island has something to offer everyone – whether they are looking to take part in exciting activities or simply spend time relaxing on one of the many beaches. From lively nightlife to breathtaking scenery, here is why Paros Island should be at the top of your travel list.

Nestled between Mykonos and Naxos lies the picturesque Greek island of Paros. Here you can find everything that makes a perfect holiday destination: pristine white sand beaches, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, captivating historical sites and friendly locals who will make your stay even more enjoyable. Visitors come from all over the world to take advantage of Paros’s exceptional climate year-round – as well as its diverse range of recreational activities including windsurfing, sailing and snorkeling. Whether traveling alone or with family members or friends, there is something special about exploring this beautiful corner of Europe amidst some spectacular natural surroundings.

From romantic sunsets to vibrant beach parties, spending time on Paros guarantees lasting memories filled with unique experiences that could never be replicated elsewhere. For centuries it has been known as a place where travelers can relax away from life’s stresses while also enjoying plenty of adventure – making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation getaway!

Geography And Location

An idyllic escape, Paros is a Greek island that beckons to visitors from all around the world. Located in the Aegean Sea, it lies between Naxos and Antiparos islands and boasts crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling. It’s also known for its stunning beaches of white sand and dramatic sunsets.

With an area of 196 square kilometers (76 sq mi) and a population of just over 12,000 people, the island has something for everyone—from ancient ruins to vibrant nightlife. The landscape is dotted with traditional whitewashed villages surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards where you can sample some of the best local wines. There are plenty of quiet coves ideal for relaxation as well as more bustling areas filled with restaurants, bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy some late-night fun.

Paros also offers numerous outdoor activities such as sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and hiking along trails crisscrossing the island. With its diverse culture, warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery, Paros provides an unforgettable experience like no other place on Earth. Transitioning seamlessly into history…

History Of The Island

Paros Island has a long and fascinating history. Records of the island date back to 2000 BC, when it was first inhabited by Mycenaeans. The strategic location of Paros in the Aegean Sea made it an attractive target for many civilizations that sought control over trade routes. From Ancient Greeks to Romans, Venetians, and Ottomans, each made their mark on the culture and landscape of Paros.

The influence of these various rulers can still be seen today. A visit to Paros brings its visitors face-to-face with remnants from all historical periods ranging from ancient fortresses and archaeological sites to century old churches and monasteries. These monuments stand as reminders of freedom through times past while beckoning travelers to explore further into the story of this beautiful Greek isle.

Ruled by its current inhabitants since 1821, Paros remains vibrant with traditional customs such as festivals celebrating local saints or heroes combined with modern day attractions like lively nightlife spots. This combination gives travelers a sense of liberation from everyday life while also reminding them why they chose this destination in the first place; To experience its unique cultural heritage without losing any aspect of comfortability or pleasure. With so much freedom offered on one small island, it’s no wonder why people keep coming back year after year.

As temperatures begin to rise during summer months, tourists flock to Paros Island looking for sunny days spent under clear skies surrounded by blue waters and white sand beaches – ideal conditions for climate and weather exploration!

Climate And Weather

Paros Island is located in the south Aegean Sea, and it has a Mediterranean climate. This means that summers are hot and dry while winters are mild with occasional rainfall. The warmest months of the year range from July to August when temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Meanwhile, the coldest month is January when temperatures average around 11 degrees Celsius (52 Fahrenheit). Snowfall is rare but happens occasionally during winter months.

The atmosphere on Paros Island is usually sunny throughout most of the year due to its location within the Cyclades archipelago. The average number of days with sunshine per year amounts to 300 or more days, making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking sun-filled holidays. Furthermore, strong winds commonly blow through this region known as ‘meltemi’ winds which make sailing conditions optimal for skilled sailors during summer months.

Due to its pleasant weather all year round, Paros offers many outdoor activities such as swimming at secluded beaches, hiking trails through lush landscapes, and exploring quaint fishing villages along the coastlines -allowing visitors to fully enjoy their freedom under clear skies and bright sunlight. Transitioning into the next section about wildlife and nature of Paros island will further explore these opportunities in greater detail.

Wildlife And Nature

Irony can be used to describe the abundance of wildlife that inhabits Paros Island. While one might expect a small island in the Mediterranean Sea to have little biodiversity, this is not the case with Paros Island. The island is home to numerous species of mammals and birds, as well as rare reptiles and amphibians. In fact, some of these creatures are only found on Paros Island.

The flora on Paros Island is equally impressive. Olive groves, shrubs and wildflowers dot the landscape while pine forests cling to higher elevations. There are also several protected areas where rare plants such as thyme, lavender and oregano grow undisturbed. Visitors may spot various types of orchids blooming along trails throughout the year as well.

In addition, conservation efforts have been successful in keeping many species safe from extinction on Paros Island due to habitat protection and restoration projects over the years. As a result, visitors will find an array of unique natural wonders when exploring the diverse ecosystems found here. With its rich variety of fauna and flora, it’s no surprise that nature lovers flock to this beautiful Mediterranean paradise for their dream holiday destination. With awe-inspiring views of beaches and coastline around every corner, there’s something special waiting for everyone who visits this remarkable Greek island.

Beaches And Coastline

The coastline of Paros Island offers stunning views for visitors. Many beaches are easily accessible by boat or car, and each beach has its own distinct atmosphere. The main beaches on the east coast include Golden Beach, New Golden Beach, Farangas Beach, Molos Beach, Krios Beach, Marcello Beach and Santa Maria Beach. All these beaches feature crystal clear waters with breathtakingly beautiful colors ranging from turquoise to cobalt blue.

On the north side of Paros lies Pounda beach which is a popular spot for windsurfing due to strong winds in the area. Additionally, there are many secluded coves and small bays located around the island that offer more privacy for those who prefer it. There are also numerous pebble-stone beaches along both sides of Paros that can be accessed only by foot or water taxi – making them ideal spots for swimming and snorkeling activities.

Paros’ unique coastline provides endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation no matter what your preference may be. From rocky cliffs to pristine sand shores, this destination promises unforgettable experiences with every visit! Transitioning into the subsequent section about towns & villages, one will find an abundance of charming locations throughout Paros with steeped history worth discovering.

Towns And Villages

The small Greek island of Paros is full of attractions and activities to explore. Its towns and villages are no exception, providing a glimpse into the vibrant culture that lies just below the surface. From winding cobblestone streets to stunning architecture, these settlements offer something for everyone.

One such town is Naoussa, located on the northwest coast of the island. This picturesque destination boasts charming whitewashed buildings, hidden alleyways and quaint shops offering local goods and souvenirs. Visitors can also enjoy delicious local cuisine at one of many waterfront tavernas while gazing out over views of neighboring islands in the horizon.

On the east coast sits Lefkes, another popular village with an atmosphere unlike any other. Sitting atop a hill surrounded by olive groves, its traditional Cycladic style houses form a unique landscape within which visitors could spend hours wandering through narrow lanes or relaxing in one of many cafes enjoying breathtaking sunsets across the Aegean Sea.

Paros offers more than beautiful scenery; it serves as an example of how life should be lived – free from worry and stress but full of joy and relaxation. With this thought in mind, let us explore all that Paros has to offer when it comes to arts, culture and cuisine.

Arts, Culture, And Cuisine

Paros Island is a cultural and creative hub for visitors to explore. Art galleries, museums, and theaters dot the landscape of this small island that boasts an expansive culture. Traditional Greek music fills tavernas and restaurants every night as locals gather around in celebration. The local cuisine offers unique flavors that attract foodies from all over the world on their journey to Paros Island.

The island’s art scene ranges from classic sculptures to contemporary installations, making it perfect for any kind of art enthusiast. Museums showcase many old artifacts and provide insight into the area’s rich history. For those looking to experience live theater, several performance venues offer a variety of plays throughout the year.

When it comes to cuisine, Paros Island has something for everyone. From traditional recipes like moussaka to more modern interpretations of Mediterranean favorites, there are endless options available when dining out here. Many restaurants also feature fresh seafood selections sourced directly from the Aegean Sea, including succulent octopus dishes often served with a side of feta cheese and olives. With so much choice available, it’s easy to see why traveling food enthusiasts make a point of visiting this magical place.

Transition sentence: Beyond its abundant arts and culinary offerings, Paros Island offers plenty of transportation options for getting around during one’s visit…

Transportation Options

Paros island is easily accessible with an extensive range of transportation options. It is located 180 km southeast of Athens and 70 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus, which means it can be reached by ferry within five hours. In 2017, over 5 million people visited Paros Island either via air or sea transport.

By air, visitors to Paros have several airport choices. The most common option for travelers coming from abroad is Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH). From there, one may take a domestic flight to Syros National Airport (JSY) followed by a connecting boat ride from Syros port to Paros main harbor in Naoussa. Alternatively, passengers may fly directly into Mykonos National Airport (JMK), then board a ferry or hydrofoil at Mykonos main port for the 45-minute journey across the Aegean Sea to Paros Port. For those traveling domestically within Greece, direct flights are also available from some cities such as Thessaloniki, Santorini and Crete to Paros National Airport (PAS).

For those who prefer taking the water route, ferries depart daily from both Piraeus and Rafina ports in mainland Greece bound for various Greek islands including Paros. Ferry schedules vary depending on seasonality but they typically run twice per day during peak tourist months such as June through September. Once arriving at their destination port in Parikia town or Naoussa village, tourists can explore further inland using public buses that make frequent stops throughout the island or taxi services that operate 24/7. With so many convenient modes of transportation available, getting around this picturesque Cycladic gem is easy and enjoyable! Moving on to activities and attractions…

Activities And Attractions

Paros Island offers a myriad of activities and attractions for visitors to explore. From the paradisiacal beaches, rich in marine life, that offer an abundance of water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving and sailing to its many historical sites like the Venetian Castle at Parikia or the ancient marble quarries. Visitors will find plenty to do on this beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea.

For those looking for adventure there is no shortage of options. Mount Zas stands tall at 936 meters above sea level and provides some great hiking trails with scenic views along the way. The port towns are full of bars and restaurants where one can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine while overlooking the crystal blue waters from their tableside view. Tourists can also take a day trip to Antiparos Island which is only 11 kilometers away by ferry or boat ride.

The best thing about Paros Island may be its warm Mediterranean climate that allows year-round tourism. During summer months temperatures remain quite pleasant even during peak hours allowing for extended outdoor exploration and beachside relaxation without feeling too hot or uncomfortable. With so much natural beauty combined with its vast array of activities, it’s easy to see why Paros Island has become a popular destination among tourists seeking unforgettable experiences abroad. With all these things considered, transitioning into hotels and accommodation seems like a perfect next step in planning your vacation experience on Paros Island.

Hotels And Accommodation

Paros Island offers a variety of hotels and accommodation options to meet the needs of every traveler. For the best accommodation option that fits your budget and style, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

No matter what kind of hotel or accommodation you choose, your visit to Paros Island will be sure to leave lasting memories as you explore its beautiful landscape and rich cultural heritage. With so much shopping and sightseeing opportunities waiting around every corner, it’s no wonder why this charming island continues to attract tourists from all over the world. Ready for some retail therapy? Let’s head out into town and explore the exciting shopping experiences found throughout Paros!

Shopping Experiences

Paros island offers endless shopping opportunities, from traditional souvenir stores to luxury boutiques. Shopping in Paros is a unique experience; its narrow alleys, old-fashioned courtyards and stone-paved streets are filled with vibrant displays of Greek culture. From colorful pottery shops to trendy jewelry stands, visitors can find something that speaks to them in this picturesque paradise.

For those looking for more luxurious items such as designer clothing or high-end watches, there are several upscale boutique shops located throughout the main town center. Here you will find international brands alongside local treasures, all surrounded by stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Whether you’re searching for an exclusive piece or just browsing around for fun, these boutiques make for an unforgettable shopping experience.

In addition to intimate specialty stores, larger department stores provide an array of products at competitive prices. Locals frequently visit these establishments due to their wide selection of goods ranging from apparel and accessories to electronics and appliances. With friendly staff on hand ready to help with any needs, it’s easy to lose yourself among the shelves of interesting finds here.

The diverse selection available on Paros Island makes it one of the best destinations for shopping in Greece – whether you’re seeking quality gifts or personal indulgences. As day turns into night, visitors may be drawn towards another kind of adventure: exploring the lively nightlife scene.


The nightlife of Paros Island is an experience that one must not miss. After a day of shopping, the energy and excitement in the air will make for an amazing evening out on the town. From traditional Greek taverns to modern bars and clubs, there’s something here for everyone on this beautiful island paradise.

Here are three ways you can enjoy the nightlife of Paros:

  • Enjoy drinks at local bars. There are plenty of places where visitors can sip their favorite cocktail or beer while enjoying conversation with friends or other guests from around the world. Some popular spots include La Mer Bar, Yialos Pool & Lounge, and Mojito Beach Club.
  • Dance the night away at clubs. Throughout Paros Island, there are numerous venues perfect for getting lost in music until sunrise. Visitors should check out some of these hot spots such as Akti Club, Koo Club, and Renes Disco Bar if they want to dance late into the night.
  • Experience traditional Greek culture through food and drink. Traditional Greek taverns offer a unique cultural experience featuring live entertainment along with delicious dishes like souvlaki and moussaka accompanied by ouzo or raki liquor served in shot glasses. A few favorites among locals and tourists alike include Taverna Elia, To Kafeneio Tis Haras, and Pirouni Droussiotiko Restaurant-Taverna -all offering unforgettable experiences!

On Paros Island there is no shortage of things to do during the evening hours after a long day exploring shops throughout town–whether it be drinking cocktails poolside or dancing all night at a club–the possibilities are endless! With its vibrant atmosphere full of life, revelers can feel liberated while immersing themselves in authentic local customs without ever leaving the comfort of this small but mighty Mediterranean paradise. The next stop on our journey brings us outdoors to discover what activities await us under sunny skies!

Outdoor Activities

Paros Island is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. With its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and rolling hills of vineyards, the island offers plenty of activities for vacationers to enjoy in the great outdoors. From stand-up paddleboarding to hiking to mountain biking, Paros has something for everyone.

Activity Description
Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) A popular activity on Paros, SUP allows participants to explore the sea at their own pace while enjoying a unique perspective from atop the board. The calm waters make it perfect for beginners or those looking for a relaxing day out on the water.
Hiking/Trekking There are several trails across the island ranging from easy paths along flat terrain to more challenging routes up rocky mountainsides. Enjoy spectacular views as you trek through lush forests and hilltops with breathtaking vistas of nearby islands and seaside towns.
Mountain Biking Explore Paros by bike! Various tracks take riders up winding roads and offer stunning panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Trails range in difficulty level and can be tailored according to your skill level – whether novice or advanced cyclist.


The natural beauty of Paros makes it an ideal destination for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Adventure seekers will find no shortage of activities that allow them to experience all that this magical Greek island has to offer in terms of nature and culture alike. As one embarks upon any number of these outdoor pursuits, they will quickly come to understand why so many travelers return year after year seeking adventure in this majestic landscape. With so much open space available, there’s always something new waiting around every corner; ready to be explored and enjoyed under sunny skies and warm Mediterranean breezes. Moving onto festivals and events on Paros Island…

Festivals And Events

Paros Island is a kaleidoscope of cultural festivals and events throughout the year. From religious celebrations to traditional music performances, visitors can experience the true spirit of Paros during these occasions. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for locals and tourists alike to take part in festivities that honor the island’s unique heritage.

Like a vibrant tapestry, Paros’ festivals and events bring together its diverse cultures:

  • Religious Festivals: Celebrating local saints with processions, fireworks displays, and festive dinners;
  • Agii Anargyroi Festival (April)
  • Panagia Ekatontapiliani Stavrou Church Festival (July)
  • Feast of The Conversion of Saint Paul (August)
  • Music Performances: Classical concerts held at ancient sites or churches;
  • International Jazz Festival (June-August)
  • Opera under the Stars at Kolymbithres Beach (July-August)
  • Traditional Events: Featuring folk songs & dances from different islands;
  • Parian Wine Festival (March)
  • Fisherman’s Day Celebration (September).

The energy and enthusiasm surrounding these festivals make them truly memorable experiences for all who attend. With their colorful atmosphere and friendly people, they capture the essence of Greece’s rich culture without fail. As such, exploring these enchanting gatherings provides an unparalleled opportunity to gain insight into the heart and soul of this magical place.

From celebrating life’s milestones to enjoying lively entertainment, experiencing Paros through its festivals and events promises to be an unforgettable journey like no other!

Tips For Visiting Paros Island

Paros Island is a popular tourist destination in the Cyclades Islands of Greece. It offers visitors stunning beaches, historic sites, and traditional Greek villages to explore. To ensure that you make the most out of your visit here, it’s important to plan ahead and research what activities are available. Here are some tips for visiting Paros Island:

Activity Cost (€) Time Required
Boat Tours 8-50 2hrs – Day Trip
Water Sports 10-30 1hr – Half day
Hiking Trails & Historical Sites 0-15 30mins-1day


The first activity worth considering is taking a boat tour around the island. These tours usually take two hours or can be extended into a full day trip costing between €8 and €50 depending on the length of time and type of boat chosen. For those who enjoy water sports there are also many options such as snorkelling, fishing, parasailing, kayaking and more with prices ranging from €10 to €30 per person. Lastly there are plenty of hiking trails and historical sites across the island which do not require any payment at all but may take up to one day to explore fully.

No matter how long you have to spend on Paros Island there will always be something interesting for you to discover. With its warm climate, beautiful scenery and abundance of attractions this is an ideal spot for holidaymakers looking for adventure or relaxation alike. Whether exploring by land or sea, Paros Island has something for everyone so go ahead and start planning your trip today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Paros Island?

Exploring the best time to visit a destination can be an arduous task. With seasonal temperatures, availability of attractions and accommodation all varying throughout the year; it is crucial to consider when planning a trip. This article will discuss when the optimum period for visiting Paros Island is, using evidence from past visitors’ experiences and local climate data.

Starting with the weather, summer months on the island offer balmy days and warm nights, making outdoor activities more enjoyable. From June through September average temperature ranges between 24°C-30°C during the day, dropping down to around 20°C at night. The sea also provides pleasant swimming conditions with temperatures averaging 21°C in July – August and 19°C in September. In addition to this, rainfall levels are lower than other islands in Greece due to its location away from major storm systems meaning that there is less chance of experiencing wet weather during these months too.

For those seeking cultural entertainment, June sees many festivals taking place across Paros such as Panigyri which celebrates traditional Greek music and dance and Athinagoras Festival celebrating Christian culture. During both events locals come together with tourists alike and enjoy family fun including feasting on delicious foodstuffs like Souvlakia (grilled kebabs). Moreover restaurants stay open late into the evening providing a great atmosphere for diners looking to experience authentic Greek cuisine.

In summary, research shows that Paros Island offers a host of attractions during mid-summer when temperatures soar, rain falls rarely and festivities abound creating an ideal holiday hotspot for travellers wanting an unforgettable getaway experience.

Are There Any Day Trips Available From Paros Island?

Day trips are a great way to explore the surrounding areas and get a real sense of the local culture. They can provide travelers with interesting experiences, such as discovering hidden gems or exploring new locations that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. For visitors looking for an exciting day trip from their destination, Paros Island is no exception.

Paros Island boasts several popular day trip options. One noteworthy excursion is a visit to the neighboring island of Antiparos, which offers breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters and amazing traditional villages. A second option includes heading up Mount Prophitis Ilias, where visitors can take in jaw-dropping panoramic views of both Paros and Antiparos Islands. Finally, there are plenty of boat tours available around the Aegean Sea that offer incredible opportunities to observe marine life and relax on beautiful beaches.

With all these possibilities at hand, it’s easy to see why travelers flock to Paros Island year after year. Whether they’re seeking adventure or just want to soak up some sun, this Greek paradise has something for everyone who visits—and its proximity to other islands makes it ideal for anyone wanting to experience multiple destinations during their holiday stay.

Is There A Lot Of Nightlife On The Island?

Nightlife is an important part of a destination’s appeal for many travellers. From exciting bars and clubs to cultural events, nightlife can offer visitors a chance to experience the culture in their own unique way. Paros Island is no exception; there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to enjoy some evening entertainment.

Paros has something to suit all tastes when it comes to nightlife. There are several vibrant venues on the island offering drinks and music, as well as traditional Greek restaurants serving delicious local food. Nightly shows featuring live musicians playing traditional instruments provide another popular form of entertainment, while street performers often delight crowds with their dynamic performances. For those seeking more sedate activities, Paros also offers art galleries, bookstores and small theatres where plays and films are shown regularly.

The beautiful surroundings of Paros make it the ideal place to relax after dark or simply take in the stunning sights of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset or later into the evening hours. With its wide variety of options, Paros Island provides ample opportunity for everyone to find their perfect evening activity – whether they’re seeking relaxation or thrilling night-time adventures.

Are There Any Kid-Friendly Activities?

Do kid-friendly activities exist on the island? This is an important question for families considering a vacation to Paros Island, as there are many factors that go into choosing a destination. With so much focus placed on nightlife and other adult attractions, it can be difficult to find out what kinds of activities are available for children. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun experiences awaiting young guests at Paros Island.

The beaches provide hours of entertainment with swimming, snorkeling, and building sandcastles. As long as parents stay with their kids in the shallow waters, they can enjoy a safe day at the beach without worry. There are also boat tours offering visitors a chance to explore nearby islands while spotting dolphins along the way. Parents may even join in on some exciting water sports like jet skiing or wake boarding.

For those who prefer land adventures, horseback riding is an option; riders will get to see stunning views from atop their mounts as they traverse through trails near villages and monuments around Paros Island. If art is more your family’s speed, there are several galleries dedicated to hosting workshops and classes where kids can create their own masterpieces using various media including clay sculptures and paintings.

No matter how old or young you are, everyone deserves a relaxing holiday filled with memories that last forever – and fortunately Paros Island offers numerous opportunities for making these special moments happen!

Is There A Good Public Transportation System?

Public transportation is an important part of any vacation experience. Visitors to Paros Island may be curious about the availability and quality of public transport on the island. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available for travelers looking for efficient, cost-effective ways to get around.

The most popular form of public transportation on Paros Island is bus travel, with routes running throughout the region. Bus rides are relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of transportation, typically costing less than 5 euros per person each way. The buses run on a regular schedule and can take travelers from one end of the island to another in just over an hour’s time. Additionally, it is possible to rent cars or scooters at affordable rates if visitors would prefer more independent methods of transportation.

For those who plan ahead and book their tickets online in advance, ferry service provides another option for reaching Paros Island as well as traveling between nearby islands within Greece’s Cyclades archipelago. Ferries depart from major mainland ports like Piraeus and make stops along several different Greek islands before arriving at their destination port in Paros Island. It is also possible to catch short ferries that go directly from Athens International Airport straight to Paros Port without making additional stops along the way.

Overall, travelers can find various means of reliable public transportation while visiting Paros Island that will suit their individual needs and preferences. With careful planning and budgeting, visitors should have no problem getting around this stunningly beautiful area during their stay.


Paros Island is a stunning Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. With its white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and picturesque villages, this idyllic destination enthralls visitors from all over the world. For those who are looking for an unforgettable holiday experience, Paros Island is the ideal location to visit.

The best time of year to visit Paros is during April or May as temperatures are milder than in summer and there are fewer tourists on the island. From day trips that take you sailing around secluded coves and caves to exploring ancient ruins and churches, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But if you’re looking for some excitement at night, then head over to Naoussa or Aliki – two towns which offer plenty of bars and clubs where you can dance until dawn. Families need not worry either; with activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, horseback riding and hiking, children will be kept entertained throughout their stay.

In terms of transport links, Paros has a good public transportation system connecting it to other islands such as Naxos and Mykonos so getting around won’t be a problem. All things considered, no matter what your interests are or how long you plan on staying for – whether it’s just one week or several months – Paros Island promises a unique and memorable vacation experience that’ll remain forever etched in your memory!

If you like the beach, head to Kolymbithres with its curious rock formations, white sand and clean water, best reached by an enjoyable small boat ride from Naoussa. For a more informative beach experience you can head to Monastiri and explore the Environmental and Cultural Park of Paros, on a peninsula with caves, secluded coves and curious geological formations. The crystal clear waters offer a backdrop for great swims and sailing lessons. Off season visits are also great for exploring the hiking paths of the park. Do visit the small Paros Park museum while there.


Speaking of beaches and activities, you can also swim and even windsurf on what's known as Golden Beach – or Chryssi Akti in Greek – in addition to windsurfing and kitesurfing at Pounda Bay, thanks to the professionals at Paros Kite, the kitesurf and windsurf school in Greece. We'll be happy to book an experience for you there. You'll also find that many of these beaches offer great snorkeling opportunities, complete with boat trips dedicated to this fun and easy pastime. The more ambitious can go on scuba diving excursions and explore a couple of shipwrecks from WWII.


Lastly, you can explore more remote villages such as Marpissa and Lefkes, before taking about and going to the very close sister island of Antiparos, where uncrowded beaches and a stunning spacious cave, chock-full of stalactites and stalagmites, await the curious visitor.


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High Mill Paros 4*

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